2024 World Seagrass Conference & 15th International Seagrass Biology Workshop

The Congress Logo

The Gulf of Naples is dominated by the Mount Vesuvius.

For the Neapolitans it is a geographical and emotional reference point; looking at the sea, Vesuvius is on your left and Capri is right in front of you. A noble gentleman named Vesuvio, who fell madly in love with a girl from an enemy house, named Capri… An impossible union, where the two lovers will become the beautiful island and the fiery giant, who will watch each other forever.

The logo of our congress re-proposes the Vesuvius, where green strings of Posidonia erupt from the never resting crater.  The original opera has been donated to the congress organization by the Neapolitan artist Gennaro Regina (www.gennaroregina.com/en/).
Regina is “the artist of the Vesuvio”. 

Its production is viscerally connected with the city of Naples, with those urban and natural elements that characterize it and are transformed, thanks to his artistic interpretation, into iconic signs with an extraordinary evocative power of atmospheres, moods and experiences of the city and of the people who “live” it.

Opera di Gennaro Regina. Tutti i diritti riservati