2024 World Seagrass Conference & 15th International Seagrass Biology Workshop

Conference Dinner
at Museo Darwin Dohrn

21st June 2024 – starting at 7.30 pm

Sunset Conference Dinner at Museo Darwin Dohrn with music on Friday, 21st June 2024 – starting at 7.30 pm

Darwin-Dohrn Museum - DaDoM

The museum is dedicated to the two giants of science and evolutionary biology, Charles Darwin and Anton Dohrn, promotes the knowledge of the evolution of marine biodiversity. The Museum was inaugurated in December 2021 and visitors will voyage through the oceans over time in the footsteps of Darwin and Dohrn and many other scientists, discovering how organisms became adapted to all marine environments. It also houses, in a six-metre high wall, ten thousand preparations of animals from the Gulf of Naples, set up by the genius of Salvatore Lo Bianco and by those who followed in his footsteps in the art of conservation. 

The museum itinerary also includes a journey through the studies and ancient maps of the Gulf of Naples, the discoveries of the over 20 Nobel laureates who conducted their studies in the SZN, up to the current research updated and exhibited month by month


Address: Villa Comunale Garden, Entrance through San Pasquale square

Ticket: € per person

Dress code: Smart Casual

Metro L2 : Piazza Amedeo station

* The participants will reach the location autonomously