2024 World Seagrass Conference & 15th International Seagrass Biology Workshop

Gabriele Procaccini

It is a very great pleasure for us to welcome the whole International Seagrass community to Napoli, in June 2024. Seagrasses have been studied at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn for many years, and pivotal studies on Mediterranean species have been produced by the group based in Ischia. I’m proud to have been part of that history, and hosting the ISBW and the WSC here is a dream coming true. Napoli is a city of multilayer cultural heritage, of contrasts, joy and passion. I hope to see you all, to participate in top level scientific events and to be one of the main actors of the progress in seagrass research, while enjoying the city and diving in its Mediterranean cultural heritage.

Gabriele Procaccini
and the Organizing Committee