2024 World Seagrass Conference & 15th International Seagrass Biology Workshop

salt water burns

Exhibition Salt-water burns!

Saltwater burns! and how to make it visible is the desire of the entire exhibition.

It moves from stories and materiality of its burns and it goes around affections and effects of its ecosystem, attempting to define contours and obscurities of non-human and non–humanisable inhabitants. Through 14 illustrations, the exhibition sets out to curve the gaze in a multitude of directions
and escapes: now the eye narrows within circles of water that contracts, shrinks and darkens, now it widens within the lines and folds of the seagrasses, now it delves into an environment that turns, blurs, burns? The visual composition, made through the transversal use of water tones and water colors, seeks to explore intersections and alternative forms to brighten and enhance a scientific horizon often made invisible by artistic practices.
Illustrations by Julia Mulet Ortega
(marine biologist and painter from Palma, Spain)

Curated by Bruna Bonanno
(PhD student in Visual Culture and Media Theories)